Why You Should Invest in a Garage Door Screen

Are you looking for a way to combat the soaring summer temperatures and keep out the pests when you’re trying to enjoy the great outdoors? Invest in a garage door screen! These unique products are the perfect way to transform your garage, porch, patio, or gazebo into a more comfortable place to relax and enjoy the warm weather. Check out our top six reasons to invest in a garage door screen for your home!

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6 Reasons to Invest in a Garage Door Screen

1. Maintain Privacy 

Not only do garage door screens provide privacy, but they also empower you to create a personal sanctuary in your garage. Whether you’re working, doing projects, or simply seeking solitude, the fine mesh of the screen offers the ideal solution. It allows you to enjoy the view outside while keeping your activities private, giving you the power to control your environment. 

2. Stay Shaded and Cool in the Summer 

One of the key benefits of a garage door screen, and a reason why many homeowners invest in it, is its ability to keep the garage cool and shaded throughout the summer. With an open garage door, the sun’s heat can quickly turn your garage into an oven. But with a garage door screen, you can rest assured that the heat is deflected, keeping your garage cool and comfortable while still allowing a refreshing breeze to pass through the mesh. 

3. Keep Pests Out of Your Garage

Another top benefit of garage door screens is the ability to keep pests out of your garage. No one likes having to swat at mosquitos, flies, and bees when they’re trying to enjoy a quiet afternoon with their favorite snack or beverage. A garage door screen creates a barrier against all pests, keeping those unwanted visitors out. 

4. Reduce Heat Glare from Your Driveway

Combating heat glare from your driveway is a major pain. It causes temperatures to rise in your garage and creates an annoying glare on your television, phone, or tablet when you’re trying to enjoy a movie or scroll through social media. Garage door screens change your view! The fine mesh interrupts heat glare, allowing you to enjoy a cool garage with no glare on your devices. 

5. Increase Energy Efficiency 

In rising summer temperatures, a hot garage means a hot home. This causes your HVAC system to work overtime to keep your home cool. Garage door screens help you combat high energy costs by keeping your garage, and thus your home, cooler. Being able to enjoy the outdoors comfortably also means you don’t have to crank the AC every time you come back in the house. 

6. Protect Your Outdoor Furniture from Sun Fading

If you’ve had outdoor furniture for a long time, you know sun fading can be a major issue, causing you to replace cushions or furniture every few years. But with your outdoor furniture in your comfortable garage, protected by a durable screen, you can prevent sun fading and enjoy your furniture for many additional years without replacement. 

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Top Brands for Garage Door Screens

If you’re looking for the best garage door screen products to invest in your home and transform your garage into a more comfortable space, we have two great brands to recommend: Lifestyle and Mystic. Lifestyle Garage Door Screens offers an incredible line of garage door screens that are easy to install and operate and even come with a pass-through door for convenient access in and out of the garage. Mystic Screens has incredible motorized screen products, allowing you to increase the comfort of your garage at the touch of a button. 

If you’d like to learn more about the specifics of these two great garage door screen brands, check out our Garage Door Screens page! We list product options, customizations, and more to help you get started on choosing an incredible product for your home. 

Would You Like to Learn More About Garage Door Screen Installation?

Are you convinced garage door screens are the right investment to upgrade the comfort of your garage? Contact Mclaughlin’s Door Sales to learn about garage door screen installation in the Miami Valley area! We sell and install a wide range of garage door screen products from Lifestyle and Mystic, and we’d love to help you find the best solution for your home. Get started today by contacting us to set up a free consultation!

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