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How Garage Door Screens Increase the Comfort of Your Home

Are you looking for a way to maximize your home’s outdoor living space? Consider a garage door screen! Garage door screens immediately increase the size of your family’s outdoor living space, allowing you to convert the garage into a patio, home office, or workshop. With a garage screen door, you’ll keep the bugs out and allow a breeze to flow, all while blocking harmful UV rays. 

Mclaughlin’s Door Sales sells and installs Lifestyle Screens and Mystic Screens to give you industry-leading options for garage door screens. Lifestyle Screens are manually operated, and available with optional pass-through doors to maximize convenience. Mystic Screens are motorized garage door screens, allowing you to easily operate your screens with the touch of a button. Want to learn more about garage door screen installation near Tipp City, Dayton, and Troy, OH, or schedule a free consultation with us? Call Mclaughlin’s Door Sales today!

Applications for Garage Door Screens

With a Lifestyle Screen or Mystic Screen, you can turn your garage into a TV room, auto repair shop, home gym, office, and so much more. Rethink the purpose of your garage, and create a space that is a unique and perfect addition to your home. Custom-made to fit any opening, these garage door screens are made to fit your life. We love installing these for numerous applications, including: 

  • Garages
  • Porches and Patios
  • Gazebos
  • Restaurants & Bars
  • And more!

Lifestyle Screens

The Lifestyle Screen system is a unique product built to enhance the comfort and convenience of your garage. This garage door screen is patented and fully spring-loaded, installed to work with your existing garage door. A Lifestyle Garage Door Screen is installed behind your garage door so you can easily pull it down to cover your garage opening when the overhead door is up. This allows you to convert your garage into a patio, home gym, and more! 

Beyond the standard screen function, Lifestyle Screens are also available with a center retractable passage door. This allows you to easily enter and exit your garage door screen, without allowing passage of bugs or pests.

Lifestyle Screens even offers a white privacy screen option, which allows you to clearly view the outdoors from the inside of your garage but prohibits strangers from seeing inside. 

Because Lifestyle Screens take so much pride in creating quality, enduring products, they offer a Limited Lifetime warranty. Contact Mclaughlin’s Door Sales to learn more about garage door screen installation near Tipp City, Dayton, and Troy, OH!

garage door screens
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Customization Options

Frame Colors

garage door screens frame colors

Screen Mesh Colors

lifestyle screen colors

Benefits of Choosing a Lifestyle Screen

  • Same-day installations available
  • Budget-friendly
  • Pass through without opening the entire screen
  • No remotes or wires to deal with
  • Remains unseen when not in use
  • Screen repair is simple
  • No tracks required
  • HOA approval typically not required

Mystic Screens

Mystic Screens give you all the great qualities of a Lifestyle Screen with the added convenience of automatic function. With the click of a button, you can operate your garage door screen to create an airy, pest-free environment.

All Mystic Screens are custom built to fit your opening and can be mounted in three ways: Recessed mounted (in between jamb, under the header), surface mounted (also referred to as face-mount), and concealed (is mounted into a recessed cavity in a ceiling). This gives you the options you need to have a motorized garage door screen installed to your exact specifications. We are here to make the process seamless for you and create the best outcome. 

Best of all, Mystic Motorized Screens are made in the USA and carry a 20-year motor warranty! We believe in the quality of these products, and we’d love to help you learn more about how garage screen doors can increase the comfort of your garage.


Frame Colors

garage door screens frame colors

Screen Mesh Colors

PVC Coated Polyester 
PVC options
Suntex 80 Premium Solar Screen & Suntex 90 Premium Solar Screen Fabric 
garage door screen colors

Contact Us For a Lifestyle Screen Installation

McLaughlin’s Door Sales is proud to provide our clients living near Tipp City, Dayton, and Troy, OH high quality screen products for residential windows, entry doors, and garage doors. Adding a screen to your garage door is a fantastic way to keep your garage clean, secure, and cool in the summer. For a new Lifestyle Screen installation for your home, call us at (937) 245-4185 today!

Absolutely! Increase the safety and security of your garage and home by fitting the garage screen with a locking mechanism. Contact our McLaughlin’s team for more information!

Less than 2″ of clearance is lost to the opening of your garage when a Lifestyle Screen is installed. Normally, this number falls at about 1.75″.

  • Man Cave
  • Party Room
  • Recreation or Play Room
  • Arts and Crafts Room
  • Pet Play Space
  • And more!