Garage Door Spring Repair Near Tipp City, OH

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Delivering Safety and Great Service to Your Home

Conveniently located in Tipp City, OH, Mclaughlin’s Door Sales provides a wide range of garage door services, including garage door spring repair. After years of serving local overhead doors, we’ve seen it all when it comes to the issues that broken springs cause, including damaged garage doors, cars, and belongings. That’s why we’re here to deliver great service and products while restoring safety to your home. 

If you have a broken spring that causes your garage door to come up at an angle or to stop working altogether, contact us to book your garage door service near Tipp City, Dayton, and Troy, OH. We accommodate a large service area to ensure our community receives the best local garage door repair. Call now to learn more!

4 Signs You Need Garage Door Spring Replacement

Your garage door comes up at an angle. 

If your garage door is coming up at an angle, the most likely issue is a broken spring. This happens when one of the extension springs in your garage door system snaps, leaving all the weight on the other spring and causing your door to open at an angle. 

Your garage door falls suddenly.

When your garage door starts to go up and then falls to the ground suddenly, your garage door spring has snapped, leaving the door without any support. You’ll need a full garage door spring replacement to restore your overhead door to full function. 

You notice a 2-4-inch gap between the coils of your spring.

The surest sign that you have a broken garage door spring in need of replacement is a two to four-inch gap between the coils of the spring. A broken spring is incapable of supporting the weight of the door and must be replaced as soon as possible.

You hear a loud bang in your garage. 

If you hear a sudden loud bang in your garage and then your garage door won’t operate, you have a broken spring. You heard the spring snapping from wear, rust, or overuse. 

Broken Garage door spring

Fast Garage Door Spring Repair Near Tipp City, Dayton, and Troy, OH

Did you know your garage door is the largest moving object in your home and that a spring supports most of the garage door’s weight? If your spring suddenly breaks or malfunctions, it can leave you stuck in your garage and in a potentially dangerous situation if you continue trying to operate the damaged door. 

Instead, call us immediately for garage door spring repair near Tipp City, Dayton, and Troy, OH. We serve the entire Miami Valley Area with quality garage door service, parts, and workmanship, ensuring we deliver a long-lasting solution to whatever issues plague your garage door system.

garage door spring replacement

Why You Should Call a Professional to Handle Your Broken Spring

Never attempt garage door spring repairs on your own! To maintain the weight of your garage door, springs hold a high amount of tension. If this tension is released incorrectly, it could cause the spring to snap back at you and injure you or a loved one. If the door is not in the correct position as you operate on the spring, it could also fall suddenly or lose tension in the tracks, bringing about extensive damage and a much more expensive repair.

Call Now to Replace Your Garage Door Springs

Don’t battle with a broken garage door spring or delay repairs to your overhead door. Instead, contact Mclaughlin’s Door Sales for quality garage door spring repair near Tipp City, Dayton, and Troy, OH from expert, local garage door repair professionals. With years of on-the-job experience dealing with damaged garage doors, we have the insight and high-cycle replacement parts to fully restore your garage door. Contact us today to book your appointment for garage door spring replacement near you!

Joel C.
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Ryan was professional, timely, and reasonably priced. I recently had my torsion spring replaced by Ryan and his attention to detail was exceptional. Ryan took the time to make sure I understood my options and didn’t pressure me one way or another. Would highly recommend Ryan to anyone looking at his service.
Billy C.
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Fast service called at 9 am and was installed by 12 . excellent work would recommend to anyone needing garage door service
David E.
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I have nothing bad to say about my experience. I called needing a repair at close of business, the owner was out the next day. He was very personable and polite, and was in and out in about 30 minutes. I will definitely be using them again and referring McLaughlin to everyone I can.