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Professional-Grade Entry Doors Near Tipp City, Dayton, and Troy, OH

Our highly-regarded entry door repair and installation services are available as a main door service near Tipp City, Dayton, and Troy, OH. Get your garage doors and your entry doors from Mclaughlin’s Door Sales!

If your entry door isn’t functioning properly, then your entire family is impacted. An entry door is exactly what it means. Entryway. Our professional-grade entry doors only allow access to who you need at your home. Let us handle your entry door repairs if it ever needs our service. 

A new entry door will impact the following:


Your safety is regarded as our number one priority. If your entry door is broken, or you’re interested in an entry door replacement, a new entry door from our company heightens your home’s security.


Invest in our professional-grade entry doors for energy efficiency. Save on energy costs with our weather and rubber-sealed entry doors.

Curb Appeal:

Installing an entry door made of either wood, fiberglass, or aluminum will instantly raise the value of your home. Boost your curb appeal with a new entry door that will perfectly match the design of your home, or we can install a specially-made entry door. We have many styles to choose from, and we can work with your entry door vision. 

An entry door made from natural wood or faux wood material provides warmth and beauty to the face of any home.

A popular and easily customizable option is fiberglass for an entry door. See below for patio and screen doors with a fiberglass material.

Own an entry door with secure frames and low maintenance. More durable than fiberglass, aluminum entry doors are beautiful, and often paired with glass features.

Masonite Entry Door

Entry Door Installation

Mclaughlin’s Door Sales provides professional grade and high-quality entry doors near Tipp City, Dayton, and Troy, OH. One of our popular door services is entry door installation. Whether it’s for your residence or commercial property’s showroom, let our door experts handle entry door installation. Contact us for an appointment, estimate, or entry door service right away!  

Larson Storm Entry Doors

Storm Doors

An excellent way of opening up your space and inviting natural light into your home is a storm door. Many homeowners prefer storm doors to be their only exterior door. Storm doors are perfect for people who work from home, families with small children, or anyone that enjoys their front or back door view. There are full transparent screen doors or half-screen half-aluminum screen doors. Install a classic fiberglass storm door along with a sturdy wood entry door.  

Patio Doors

Patio doors are still considered entry doors, but we help our clients narrow down their search to just their patio. Patio doors are convenient when you’re hosting a family gathering, grilling outside, and need easy access from the backyard to the kitchen area. We also help install side patio doors with the best outward visibility for your garden or hose area. Some variations to your patio door can include sliding glass, doggie door, aluminum, and french patio doors that swing open to your patio or outdoor space. 

patio doors

While entry doors and overhead doors are both exterior doors and are used as the main point of entry and exit for the family, overhead doors are referred to as garage doors. Whether or not your “front” door hardly gets used due to your overhead or garage door being the main point of access and entryway, we are referring to entry doors as the type of door that swings open and closed on hinges. 

Luckily we have many options for mobile homes and the best entry doors they can get in the Miami Valley area. Look into our fiberglass or steel entry doors, as those materials are the most common, affordable, and accessible for mobile homes.

There are fire-rated entry doors depending on the type or material you want for your home. However, they are essential for reliable entry/exits in the event of an emergency; fire-rated entry doors are not required. You can request a fire-rated door quote before your entry door installation from one of our specialized technicians. We make sure your questions and concerns are met with high-quality service and diligence.