A Classic Feel For Your Home

This type of barn style garage door is a great fit for any home! A barn style door combines a classy elegance with a simplistic look.
You can never go wrong with a barn style door. It adds so much to your curb appeal while complimenting your home.

What is a Barn Style Garage Door?

Barn style doors take their inspiration from—you guessed it—barns! These garage doors feature wood or faux wood doors, usually in neutral colors. You’ll a lot of whites, browns, and stains here!
These doors often feature an “X” or triangle shape pattern across the panels. This “X” is what characterizes this style from a lot of others.
Sometimes these doors will feature decorative hardware on the outside, and sometimes they won’t. it depends on the look you want! Another optional feature is including windows. They can add to the style a lot, but these doors still look great without them too!
barn style garage door
This particular garage door really pops against the stonework of the house. The neutral white color compliments the home without taking away from it. The smaller garage door to the side also looks great against the darker colors too!
The before and after of this barn style garage door shows just how much this type of upgrade can do to a home! it looks completely different and really adds to the home’s value.
Ready for an upgrade to a barn style garage door? Mclaughlin’s Door Sales can do a garage door installation in the Miami Valley Area. We can help you match your vision for your home. Whatever type of barn style door you want, we can install it for you! Contact us at (937) 245-4185 for more information about barn style garage doors.